Visiting VA Wine Country: Guide

Hey there beautiful!

As requested I'm sharing all the details on my recent visit to Virgina wine country. For my east coast peeps VA is really a secret gem. I'm already a huge fan of the Richmond,VA area you can read up on my blog post about Richmond here.

This time my sis and I took a ride to Virgina wine country. I'm not going to lie, while I've been a DMV local all my life I had no idea how many amazing wineries and breweries were in VA. We visited the Charlottesville area and I was very impressed.

We stayed just outside of the city of Charlottesville in Crozet,VA at a beautiful Bed and Breakfast, the surroundings of this area are stunning. The unobstructed views of the blue ridge mountains during the day, and the star filled sky during the night left me speechless.

Just about a 20 minute drive to the city provided us with a host of dinning and wine options. We also found lots of shopping and malls were close but far enough so that we could truly feel like we'd left city life behind.

The Wines

We sampled wine varieties from one of the boutique wineries in the area, Stinson Vineyards. All of the wine offerings here are so delicious and clearly made with love. One of my absolute favorites was surprisingly the Chardonnay. I'm not usually a Chardonnay girl but I found this variety to be smooth and sweet and not too buttery or metallic. For a list of the many other amazing wineries in the area check out Alicia Tenise's Blog post on things to do in Charlottesville. I'm not going to even lie we barely scratched the surface of the wineries in this area during our short stay. Alicia's posts were super helpful when planning our trip to Charlottesville.

The Accommodations

The Stinson Vineyard also has an Inn next door that offers lodging for guests visiting the area. What I especially loved is that this Inn only offers 4 rooms so you won't have a house full of guests on top of each other (which is preferable especially with the ever present Covid-19 concerns). I loved that this space was roomy and tranquil. We opted to book the Deluxe suite (this entire home books very quickly) this suite was perfect for us and provided wrap around views an additional privacy with a screened off outdoor space. I used the outdoor space for working and yoga and was able to do so in complete privacy. I will say that all the rooms at this home are beautiful and that even in common areas all the guests were a pleasure and very polite. Even though other guest were staying on-sight it never felt crowded, it felt like we had the whole place to ourselves.

The Food

While we grabbed food out a handful of times, without a doubt the highlight of our stay was the chef's dinner offered on sight at the Stinson Inn. This is an exclusive offering only made available to the guests staying on-sight. We opted to go with the Chef's 4 course dinner, but a 6- course dinner, and Tasting Dinner is also available. This hands down has to be one of the best meals I have ever had the pleasure to enjoy! Each course is paired with a wine offering from the vineyard and man oh man it does not disappoint. Dietary restrictions, and eating preferences can be communicated in advance to the Chef. Chef Tyler prepared a pescatarian friendly menu for me that was AMAZING.

Final Thoughts

Alright y'all I've got links all throughout this post that will hopefully help you plan your very own visit to the area. I also want to make mention that as two black women traveling to VA we had reservations and it definitely made us do some research. It's unfortunate but it's become all to common to see African American and POC travelers made to feel uncomfortable in certain areas especially in today's landscape with a volatile political climate and the ongoing pandemic. While I'm not naive enough to think there aren't areas that could pose a threat, I can say the areas I've mentioned in this post were very nice to visit. The area had a measure of diversity as well especially as we got into the city and closer to the local college. If your looking to visit I'd definitely say start planning your visit now. These areas are very popular so planning in advance, making reservations, etc. will ensure you have a great visit.

Welp that's it for now!


Mary G.