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Supporting Black Collaborations: Signed Blake X Amazonthedrop

Hey there beautiful people! I recently got my items from the Signed Blake X AmazontheDrop collaboration and baby I am in love!

I was so excited to be able to purchase items from this collaboration for many reasons but a major reason would have to be to support a fellow collaborator of color. Unless you've been happily living under a rock then you know there have been many conversations surrounding brand inclusivity.

While many brands were big on starting "conversations" many have stopped there and not followed through with much action. So for me supporting fellow creators of color is even more important now. Fashion to me has always been a very white washed space and fashion blogging is no different, so seeing this collaboration was so inspiring. It's amazing to see all the women from different backgrounds and sizes rocking this collection! It's my hope that we will continue to see major brands like Amazon and hopefully many more being more diverse and inclusive.

Blake of Signedblake will be launching another collaboration soon but until then here's how I styled this amazing blazer dress from the collection.


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