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Restoring Curls with Olaplex

I'm so excited to see the newest treatment from Olaplex. If y'all have been following me for a while then you know how much I love Olaplex. I'd easily say the addition of this product into my routine has definitely helped my curls and the health and strength of my hair.

My first exposure to this amazing product was back when I went blonde. I've since gone back to my natural color but this treatment is great for naturally textured hair as a stand alone treatment. It helps with restoring and strengthening hair and repairing and reversing damage. I've been getting Olaplex treatments quarterly as an add on treatment for the past year and my hair loves it.

This new No.0 treatment rivals the in-salon version. This treatment is major because before now this product was not available in an at-home version. When applying this product I worked in sections to saturate the product into my hair and I recommend starting on stretched or blown out hair.

Following the directions I started on my hair as it was. This product should be applied to dry hair and you'll follow with your regular shampoo and conditioning routine after rinsing it out.

After allowing the product to remain on my hair for 10 minutes I followed with No.3 and allowed it to remain on my hair another 10 minutes. I then rinsed and shamoo'd and conditioned as normal. Immediately the results were soft clumped together curls.

What I love is that this treatment has several uses, on average from 3-6 applications based on the length and density of your hair. It does need to be paired with the No.3 in order to see the full benefits of the Olaplex system. The No.0 includes a sample of this product so I made sure to buy a bottle as well as I plan on using this regularly. Olaplex says this product can be used as frequently as once a week. I plan on using this system monthly since I don't have color treated hair or use heat frequently.

Overall I'd definitely recommend this treatment. It's a great addition to my at-home routine since I don't plan on going in salon for a while thanks to COVID. You can see how my hair responded to this product and the final style here in my latest video.


Results once styled:

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