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My Top Holy Grail Natural Hair Picks

Hey y'all so of all the questions I'm asked online, what I use in my hair has to be the most frequently asked question. Well here's the thing I like to rotate my products, you can read more on why I do that on my other blog post... any who that's why I have so many favorites. I use a different set of items each wash day normally and i wash my hair weekly. Ok so now on to the real info...


Shampoos/ Cleansers/ Co-Washes

- Camille Rose Sweet ginger cleansing rinse :

- Ouidad Nourshing Cleansing oil :

- Deva Curl Micellar Water Cleanser

Deep Conditioners / Treatments

- Mielle Organics Babbasu Oil Conditioner ( Moisture/ Light protein)

- Devaccurl Deep Sea Repair ( Protein)

- Algae Deep Renew Conditioner ( Moisture)

- Be Moist Conditioner ( Moisture)

- Heaven in Hair Mask (Moisture)

- Ouidad Curl Recovery Meltdown Mask ( Elasticity)


- Mielle Organics Honey ginger Edge gel

- Mielle Organics White peony leave-in

- Mielle Organics Avocado Hair Milk

- Camille Rose Curl Maker

- Curl Love Moisture Milk

- Ouidad Tight Curls Gel

- Bekekoa Ultra Light Defining Gel


Whew ok that was a lot I know, but remember I've gotten to work with a lot of brands so I've accumulated a lot of favorites along the way . Don't go out feeling pressured to buy all these... this is just a point of reference to start from if your looking to build a regimen or revamp one. I'm not going to even try and stunt since I've been in the hair blogging game for over 5 years a lot of the products I've gotten to try have been sent to me at no cost so I can get familiar with the brand, ingredients, formulas etc. Hopefully some of my faves can become some of yours! If you want to hear more of my thoughts on these products and see how I've used them you can check out my favorites video my Youtube channel

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