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Mary's Travels : Nizuc Resort

Hey there beautiful people,

If you've following me on Instagram then you know I've been frolicking for a bit in Cancun at the NIZUC resort and spa my sister and I were totally new to the resort but had seen it on Instagram thanks to the events it's hosted for women of color such as the My Taught You Retreat.

Now let me tell y'all I've traveled in 5 star resorts before but this facility took it up a notch. It ain't cheap but you literally will be blown away by the level of service given to you. I was most impressed with the staff. They know what your wants and needs are before you do, it was scary how good they are at accommodating you.

My only demerit was that some of the foods were just okay, and a bit on the pricey side for what you get, but that was a very small demerit for sure. I also wish they had an option for have an all inclusive package that you can purchase in advance so that way you've covered the cost of all your food and drink. I do also wish this resort was adult only, or that there were at least adult only restaurants similar to the pool area being separated. the I am also comparing this resort to another fab resort in Cancun Live Aqua. All in all this facility is phenomenal and truly a beautiful place to visit.



- Use a booking service that will allow you to pay for the entire room cost in advance, it makes it easier to keep up with your spending once on site.

- Check the schedule to see what events will occur while your on site and sign up for them as soon as you check-in, these events are AMAZING but they fill up fast so let the concierge know right away. They have no additional cost.

- The ala carte options on the breakfast menu are just a fab as the buffet, and are way more affordable.

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