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Losing friendships....

Hey beautiful people,

As we head into a new season of weather it makes me think about the new seasons we enter in life. When our life has twists and turns... it can often include a transition in how we deal with and if we continue relationships with certain friends. Losing friendships even when they've proven to be unhealthy can still be challenging. Here are 3 tips to how I navigate letting go of a friendship:

-Don't play the blame game

When things go wrong human nature is to find a way out and a person to blame. Honestly placing the blame on the other party is a missed opportunity for growth. I was recently listening to a podcast featuring Brene Brown and something she highlighted is that in some instances we build our "friendships" on a negative foundation. Instead of finding a genuine connection we instead have a common enemy and that may spark the "friendship" while it may seem as though we've got a friend we really have a relationship built on a rocky and negative foundation.Let that sink in. Taking a honest estimation of your actions, lack of boundaries, and behaviors, and how they played a role in the outcome of the friendship will help you ultimately be a better you.

-Cultivate Gratitude

It can be easy to have a polarized view of the past.... either everything was great or everything was awful. Normally the reality is much more balanced and even friendships that come to an end can have good moments. Cherish the good moments and be thankful for them. Moving from a place of positivity and gratitude is beneficial to both your physical and mental health.

-Leave the past in the past

It can be tempting to move forward into future friendships still carrying the burdens of past hurt feelings. If not careful you can fall into the pitfall of punishing other friends for the sins of someone else. This is not only unfair but it holds your back from being able to have other successful friendships. This advice can be easier said that done, but in time it is possible ....

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