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I Was Featured On Apartment Therapy!

Hey there !

First things first I hope y'all are doing well, because 2020 is still out here cutting up.

I realize that we are mostly likely getting ready to be in the house till 2021, so I'm trying to make the best of it and my all the areas in our apartment beautiful and cozy. To be completely honest my bathroom had definitely fallen by the wayside. Apartment living can have it's drawbacks and one of those it having to work with some older fixtures and other aspects of the design I'd rather do without.

I feel like the fact that I couldn't do a full renovation made me not really put any effort into the space and it showed. I decided to make the best of some aqua green tile and old fixtures and put some effort into the space.

I knew that I wanted a statement wall and debated adding wallpaper to the feature wall but whew the prices! I of course had fallen in love with a super expensive custom wallpaper. I was so in love with the print and calculated how much I'd need for the wall thinking it would be much but man was I wrong. I managed to find a coupon it couldn't be applied because the print I loved was a small custom collaboration with an artist. I gave it thought and couldn't reconcile spending over $200 bucks on just one wall. I got the idea from an amazing artist Meg Biram and opted to create a mural wall instead of wallpaper. I spent about $18 bucks on paint and the brushes used.

Once I finished the feature wall I knew I wanted to create more storage in the bathroom but that it needed to be small, I opted for a over the toilet shelf. This shelf also let me bring in more decorative elements. I kept an color scheme of neutrals and wood elements. I decide to go with bold black and white to help pull the eye away from some of the older fixtures and that super bold green tile. Here's how it all came together. See a full video on the process here.


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