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I Did a Juice Detox w/Jrink Juicery

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Hey Hey!

I about a month ago now I finished a juice detox that I purchased from Jrink juicery. I opted to purchase a cleanse this time instead of doing a DIY cleanse.

I must admit I was a bit nervous about rather or not I could actually pull it off but I'd definitely been feeling low energy and sluggish and I wanted to give my body a rest from all the excess snacking I've been indulging in during quarantine.


I opted for the beginner friendly cleanse option and the juices arrived early Tuesday and right after they arrived I started the cleanse. ( The delivery team for Jrink is the best they text you immediately and the delivery is contactless).

Day 1 wasn't too bad but I immediately noticed many of the juices I've made are more sweet than these juices. Day 2 was really tough, I had a bad headache which probably had a lot to do with the fact that I'd soon be starting my period (womp womp). Despite the headache I didn't need to eat anything but just used plenty of water to help with the headache, I also allowed myself to have some green tea. Day 3 was much better but by that time I was sick of the flavors of the juices but I had to push through. The only juice I still liked was the beet juice which oddly enough I normally haven't liked in the past.

Day 4 was also an adjustment probably just as much as Day1. The process of coming off the cleanse is weird and you have to ease your body back into more solid foods. I wanted this process to as gentle as possible so I opted to eat all plant based meals (fruits and veggies).

All in all I definitely felt a major difference and jump start into eating better. I also felt like a boss for having the will power to commit to this cleanse tapping into that let me know I can accomplish things when I put my mind to it and set myself up for success.Having the pre-made easy to grab juices made sticking with the cleanse much easier than if I had tried to go the daily D.I.Y juicing route. I definitely recommend this company if you are in the DMV. If your not local I'd recommend doing your research and finding a pre- made juice cleanse, while I love juicing for a one off glass here and there I don't recommend the D.I.Y route for a 3 day cleanse.

Happy cleansing :)

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