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Facing My finances

Early this year I had so many plans. Getting back into my fitness and traveling were definitely on my to do list, but improving my finances wasn't on my list. In March I was told to stay home from work due to COVID-19, then shortly after I was furloughed. Not long after being furloughed my side hustle of a thriving Airbnb also came to a screeching halt in April due to travel restrictions.

IIn a matter of a few weeks I went from planning my next vacation to having no income, little to no savings, and a credit card that was at its limit. I felt so anxious about managing my finances, and in that moment I realized my finances had been a source of anxiety for me long before my job loss. Instead of facing the music and writing out my current financial situation, I had been completely avoiding my finances.


" Sitting down and writing out my financial goals has been really helpful"


The loss of all my income ended up being a blessing because it forced me to truly evaluate and address my finances, especially my credit. I know I'm not the only one who's faced taking a hard look at their finances this year. I also know I'm not the only one who finds the process of credit management and repair overwhelming. One of the reasons why credit repair can feel so daunting is that raising your credit score is not an overnight process, but it can be done. One thing many don't realize is that we all have the right to good credit and that many of the laws in place can actually help us achieve better credit by fixing the mistakes that can be present on credit reports.

The Lexington Law Firm consultants have been assisting clients with managing and repairing their credit since 2004. The credit repair industry has had tremendous growth in recent years, which has definitely led to a ton of facts vs. fiction. Lexington Law Firm focuses on a need for clients to have accurate information and real education so that credit report errors can be fixed.

"Increasing my financial education helps me feel less overwhelmed"


I personally have found becoming more educated to be the best tool for improving my finances. For me, education started with finance books and podcasts. I also started actively monitoring my daily account balance and monitoring my spending. I then worked to find useful apps that could help me with saving money throughout the month to make payments on my credit card. While technology has been super helpful, I also find sitting down and writing down my financial goals to be really effective. I also make sure to note my "why" for working to achieve financial ease. For me things like being able to travel with family, be of support to loved ones, and donate to charity are a part of my "why". Increasing my financial education has helped me feel less overwhelmed and made me more informed when choosing resources like Lexington Law Firm. Lexington Law Firm pioneered the creation of trustworthy, legal-based solutions for the credit repair industry. Their team of lawyers have truly worked to make knowledge available and understandable to the everyday consumer.


"For me, my financial education started with finace books, and podcasts"


When clients work with Lexington Law Firm, they can be assured they are working with consultants who have an in-depth knowledge of consumer protection laws, and they know how to use such laws for the clients’ benefit. Lexington Law Firm gives clients full confidence in knowing that the legal professionals are going to fight for your rights. While I'm still in the process of improving my financial literacy and credit score, I'm so happy I've finally started the process. Credit repair doesn't need to be something you avoid because the process isn't as scary as it might seem. If you are looking to get started, be sure to check out Lexington Law Firm.

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