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Elevating my room:Ruggable Review

Hey there beautiful people, if you keep up with me on the gram then you know I recently bought my dream rug.

I love the saved feature on Instagram and a photo of this rug had been in my Room Inspo board for over a year. I must admit I was worried that when I finally got the rug in my own space the rug might not be all I'd made it out to be in my head.

My rug was made to order so I was too excited when it arrived. The two step system was easy to assemble, and the only challenge I had was navigating some of the furniture and getting the area rug to line up so that my closet doors could easily open.

I love how flat this style is especially since I was laying this rug over wall to wall carpet (apartment living struggles). They also have more plush and shag styles if your looking for a fluffier option.



Ok so once the initial love settled in I wanted to make sure I really felt this rug was worth the investment. I've had it in my space about 6 weeks and here a a few things I really love about this rug.

- Vacuuming is so easy, I feel like despite Solange ( my cat) laying all over this rug it doesn't get covered in her hair like my old rug used to.

- This rug really is stain and liquid resistant, and let me just say I didn't feel like that feature would be that important to me, a wine spill quickly humbled me and make me appreciate this feature.

- The design really is vibrant in the space. I feel like some cheaper rugs that I've purchased in the past have easily started looking much more worn and less vibrant than when initially purchased but that hasn't been the case with this rug.


To be honest I'd definitely recommend this rug, I especially love that you can interchange designs in the instance I want to switch it up in the future. It's really a quality piece and it shows.

Oh sign up for their mailing list so you can see when they have sales, I managed to get 15% off :) I'm sure they'll have another sale the holiday weekend.

Until Next time,


Mary G.

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