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Dope Resources you may not know about

Whew this Covid-19 situation has been a lot to say the least. One positive development that has happened is that many companies have become much more generous with their resources. Many brands are now helping those who may have a reduced income, are unemployed, or who work in hospitals and schools. Here are just a few of the dope services I found that are either free or substantially discounted.


  • Discounted Year long Amazon Prime membership - If you are on Medicare, recieve EBT, or are a College Student, Amazon is discounting prime memberships by 50%. They are also providing extra discounts in Wholefoods stores on all 365 brand items, in addition to the weekly inshore promotions that are exclusively for prime members.

  • Free Fitness Membership - The Adidas runtastic app is amazing at creating workouts and providing virtual coaching throughout the workouts. You can even play your Apple Music playlists though the app while getting your workout on. They are giving away a 3 month trial and it is completely free and no card information is required to sign up. You can find the sign up link on their instagram profile.

  • Free Headspace Membership for 1 year - The headspace app is great for centering anxious thoughts and getting more restful sleep. I love this app especially before bed to help me get and stay asleep. They also have soundscapes and daily meditations as well. All of these features are available through the free one year program. Sign up is easy and free for a year for those now unemployed and for essential workers.

This isn't an exhaustive list but I hope it can serve as a starting point for anyone financially impacted by Covid-19.

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