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In Review: Pattern Beauty

Okay ya'll so as you know from my last post I'm super excited about the launch of Pattern Beauty and ya girl ordered products immediately lol and they've arrived. As I type up this post I have twist in my hair that are coated with the Pattern Beauty leave-in conditioner. So let's get into this....

First Impressions

I ordered these products from the website with my own money, and I must admit the website was very easy to navigate and order from and the products arrived quite quickly in my opinion especially since I'm sure they were inundated with orders.

The branding and packaging of these products is great quality and the thank you note is great customer service and a nice added touch. I also was really impressed with the sizing and amount of product in these sample sizes like for real y'all.... I won't call any brands out but some higher end brands have samples sizes that my long thick hair laughs at. I was able to shampoo and condition my hair and thoroughly coat my strands with these sizes so that was impressive.

The Products

The Hydrating Shampoo-

I love both the smell and feel of this shampoo while lathering in the hair. I must admit though that I wasn't in love with how my hair felt once rinsing out the products. I have to be honest my hair definitely felt nice and clean and didn't feel stripped but I have used other hydrating shampoos that feel better in the hair and feel a bit more moisturizing. I didn't have a bad experience but this cleanser didn't blow me away either.

The Intensive Conditioner-

This conditioner is design for extra intensive conditioning according to the Pattern Beauty Website. Ok sooo this stuff is THICK.... the thickness of this product in my opinion even on wet hair didn't have a lot of slip in my opinion, but my hair was also super tangled from my previous style. I worked in smaller sections taking my time breaking down my hair and detangling from ends to roots with my modified Denman brush and then conditioned with my hot head cap for about 15 mins.

When washing out the conditioner I again didn't feel super impressed until I saw my hair in the mirror... my curls were popping and clumped together like crazy!

The Leave-In-

This is hands down my favorite product from the line. I started working with this products and between the way my curls were clumping from the Intensive conditioner and then this product my hair felt so juicy. This product in my opinion felt the best in my hair and I instantly knew that I was going to like how my curls reacted. I worked the leave-in conditioner in with my denman and opted to do twist for a twist out. Ugh the way my curls were poppin' ya'll (insert praise hands here) I can totally understand why this is still sold out on the website, I know because I immediately want to order the full size container after seeing how my curls responded to this hydrating styler. our media by making it widescreen or small and easily align media inside your posts.

Final Thoughts

I still want to try the heavy conditioner (which I will be ordering soon) and grab more of the leave- in conditioner. I also think I'll end up purchasing the detangling brush especially since my current denman brush is on it's last leg lol...

I'd actually repurchase the all of these products because my the final feel of my hair has me really impressed, I'm glad I used this products as a line up as opposed to just trying them one off. My hair is 90% dry now and even with out unraveling them I can tell my twist out is going to be great. I feel like these product really did pack my hair with moisture which is why I had so much clumping and shrinkage with my curls. My hair also feels really, really, soft. I'm really excited to see what this brand will launch in phase 2, which is to include styling products, especially since to me the leave- in is already a great styler. I'll have a full video on my Youtube channel sharing my results which you can check out here.

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