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Dealing with Trauma In the digital Space

Hey there beautiful people!

Unless you've been happily living away from all media outlets, you've seen the recent violent videos targeted towards black men. I feel like this has been happening on a loop with a new hashtag each week. I've been able to avoid the footage of the most recent murder and that brings me to today's topic dealing with "Trauma porn".

While it's true staying informed is important, seeing the constant clips of graphic videos and photos is not healthy. I heard Yasmine founder of @transparentblackgirl refer to the flooding of our social timelines with images like this as trauma porn and whew, it is a fitting term. As we round out the month of May, mental health awareness month I feel it’s important to remember our mental health especially now. Flooding our minds with this imagery isn't needed in order to stay informed and the effects on the psyche are damaging.


Here are few things that help me deal with Trauma in the digital space:

- If you need to temporarily mute accounts or even delete social apps for a bit, that's okay.

- Try to journal anxious thoughts to help with calming your mind.

- Listen to calming soundscapes especially before bed and avoid posts before going to bed. - Try to get in daily movement, getting active is also helpful especially since our bodies hold tension.

I hope some of these things can help you cope as we navigate these troubling new stories.


Mary G.

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