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Clear Skin w/ Rodan Fields Redefine Regimen

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Thank you to Rodan + Fields for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Hey there beautiful people,

As many of you know I've been having major breakouts due to Maskne. To make things worse I found my current skincare regimen to be ineffective, so when I got a chance to try the new REDEFINE Regimen and Multi-Function Eye Cream from Rodan + Fields I was hopeful.

If you follow my Instagram then you already know I love the masks and Pore Cleansing MD System from Rodan + Fields, but until now, I hadn't tried one of their skincare systems. I immediately loved that this REDEFINE Regimen is formulated to work together and is actually quite simple. This is a bit surprising to me since my routine prior to using this line was much more elaborate and yet still was proving to be ineffective.

This line includes 3 steps: cleansing, toning, and moisturizing, that's it. I'm not going to lie the skincare product junkie was expecting a bit more, but I figured maybe dialing it back a bit was exactly what my skin needed. This system also allows for you to customize your cleanser and moisturizers to what you feel will be best for your skin, let me explain....



Depending on your preference the Redefine system allows you to choose between two different cleansers

Option 1- The REDEFINE Daily Clay Cleanser - This cleanser provides gentle exfoliation and can also double as a mask. I like that this cleanser provided exfoliation yet was gentle enough to be used daily. I also tried it as a mask following the directions to apply and allow the product to sit on the skin for two minutes before rinsing.

Option 2- The REDEFINE Daily Foaming Cleanser- This cleanser gently foams and cleanses skin and smells so nice clean without being too much. I really love how this cleanser felt on my skin when lathering up. This cleanser has a texture that's more similar to cleansers I've traditionally reached for and despite its nice foaming lather it wasn't overly drying or stripping.

I opted to use the REDEFINE Daily Foaming Cleanser daily as a opposed to the REDEFINE Daily Clay Cleanser, after working with both products. This was just a personal preference. I also find that my skin responds more positively to foaming cleansers as opposed to gentle exfoliators.


The REDEFINE Pore Refining Toner is easily my favorite product because of its effectiveness at refining the appearance of pores. I have enlarged pores that easily get congested around my t-zone. I've found regularly wearing my mask when out running errands has just made this area worse and much more noticeable. Within a week of applying this toner day and night as directed I saw much less texture in this problem area. I also really love that this toner is effective without being harsh, drying, or irritating to the skin.


The REDEFINE Regimen again allows you to choose between two types of AM and PM moisturizers.

Option 1 -The REDEFINE Triple Defense Cream w/ SPF30 and the Overnight Restorative Cream -These products both provided a heavier moisturizing texture without being oily or greasy on the skin. These would be a great fit for normal to dry skin types, and all skin types as the weather gets cooler. The packaging on both of the cream moisturizers are in a jar so I'd recommend using a tool like a clean Q-tip to scoop and apply this product. This will avoid placing fingers into the jar and help keep the product sanitary.

Option 2 - The REDEFINE Triple Defense Lotion w/SPF30 and the Overnight Reparative Lotion provide a lighter alternative to the thicker cream options for the moisturizing step. These products are in an easy-to-use tube with a pump. I found that a little of these went a long way.

I decided to go with the Triple Defense Lotion lotion and Overnight Reparative Lotion as my moisturizers in my skincare routine. I was a bit worried initially that they might not be moisturizing enough since they feel lighter than their cream counterparts. I was pleasantly surprised that both products did a great job at keeping my skin moisturized. I also love that my moisture levels were great throughout the day without making me feel too oily (which is major for my skin). It's also great that all of the daytime moisturizers include SPF 30. This SPF is brown/dark skin friendly and didn't leave my face with a white or gray cast (way to go Rodan + Fields Team).


Since I'm at the end of the last bits of my 20's (ugh) I've actually been making an effort to really take care of the skin around my area instead of just feeling like eye creams are something only my mom should be using. The texture of the Multi-Function Eye Cream is super creamy and feels great around the eye. I also like that this product is stimulating or irritating, trust me I have had some "eye creams" bring me to tears in the past. I will admit that while I don't have major wrinkles in this area, I do find that my eyes need the extra lately. My sleep schedule has been all over the place since the start of quarantine and listen I've scared myself hoping on some of those early morning zoom calls (lol). The addition of Multi-function Eye Cream into my skin care routine definitely helps me look presentable on zoom even without using the "touch up my appearance" feature.


I also paired this skin system with the Pore Cleansing MD System from Rodan + Fields which is AMAZING. This is a major secret weapon for fighting Maskne. This tool works to remove congestion and blackheads from the skin. I personally use this product once a week for exfoliation and a deeper clean of congestion that can build up around my pores, especially my nose. I find the pore cleansing tips to be most effective on my skin. I honestly feel like this tool does not disappoint and genuinely rivals the product used in the professional facial I've gotten. I make sure to not exceed once a week using this tool, and I'm mindful to avoid the areas around and under my eyes where the skin is much thinner and more delicate.

The REDEFINE system had greatly improved the overall look of my skin. The greatest difference I see is much less "texture" on my skin. I've found that even the areas that weren't breaking out with larger bumps had fine bumps and this has improved too. I also have found that marks left behind from old breakouts are visibly diminishing and I need less concealer. While I know I'll have to remain consistent with my application of this regimen to see the full results I'm excited by the results I see thus far. I also love that both the REDEFINE Regimen and the Multi-Function Eye Cream have ingredients that work, such as Bakuchiol (in the Overnight Restorative Cream, which is great for sensitive skin) and Niacinamide (a great acne fighting ingredient).

Let's take a look at my before and after shots :

A close up of just one of my breakouts :

My skin's progress thus far, and close up of my pores:

You can shop the full REDEFINE system and Multi-function eye products here.

Until Next time



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