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Bold brows w/ Rodan+Fields

*Thanks to Rodan + Fields for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own*

Hey, there beautiful people!

If you’re like me then you’ve finally adjusted to the new normal of video conference meetings, but I must admit I haven't adjusted to seeing myself on camera SO much. To be honest I'm usually scrambling to look decent before a call, especially when I need to be on camera and for me, the foundation of my face is great brows.

Now to be fully transparent I have NOT been blessed in the brow department at all (lol) so I'm always on the hunt for great brow products that will give my brows a more full and defined look. Good-looking brows really do frame the face making me feel more confident which is even more important in our new virtual landscape, and the Rodan + Fields Brow Defining Boost gives me just that.

I recently started using the Rodan + Fields’ Brow Defining Boost to improve the appearance of my sparse brows. When I look for brow products it’s important that they help with volumizing and defining since my brows are naturally very thin. I want products that not only add fullness but still maintain a natural appearance, because who wants block brows? Uh, not me been there done that and I have the very unflattering old Instagram selfies to prove it, but I digress.

The R+F Brow Defining Boost product focuses on improving the appearance of brows with a visible difference instantly. This tinted brow gel is easy to use and gives a fuller look without looking too sculpted (trust me crazy brows are even more distracting when on video). The defining brow boost features an easy wand and a small spooly brush on the end of the applicator. This makes the application easy and precise to help with creating a shaped brow look in one easy step, which is a game-changer when I’m in a rush to get ready.

When I first started using this product, I must admit I had my doubts, a product that claims to help improve the appearance of brows while also improving their appearance over time… ok sure. Trust me I’ve definitely been down the product junkie rabbit hole looking for products that can help me with improving my brows. I even considered micro-blading but after chatting with an esthetician I felt going that route wouldn’t be best for me, especially since I don’t like pain. So, seeing the features of this product definitely had me hopeful, and this lightweight tinted gel did not let me down.

I use the R+F Brow Defining Boost in the shade dark, which looks great against deeper complexions. I start applying the brow gel by making sure the applicator spooly is coated with product evenly and I remove the excess that may be on the brush by swirling the applicator around the tube opening. Next, I brush the applicator across my brows in a sweeping motion as though I’m combing my brows in place. I find doing this helps with giving the natural hair-like appearance I prefer. Lastly, I use the fine tip of the applicator to groom the tail end of my brows. I like to use this smaller end so I can get a more precise application of the product in this area. I typically stop there when applying this brow gel, but for days when I may need or want a more made-up look, I give my brows more definition by going in with a little concealer under my brow. This really makes my brows pop and gives life to my face.

Now onto the ingredients, typically I’d just slap on anything in the mornings to give my brows a bit of help but those products didn’t include any beneficial ingredients. The Rodan + Fields’ Brow Defining Boost features hair conditioning ingredients that work specifically on eyebrows. One key ingredient is castor oil which helps to moisturize and condition the brow hair. Now let me tell you I’ve gotten the suggestion a million times that castor oil will help my brows. The thing is no one tells you applying that loose oil is crazy messy and you're likely to forget to do it (sigh). Finding out the R+F Brow Defining Boost already incorporates castor oil is major! MAJOR! I personally groom my brows daily so it’s allowed me to be consistent with the application and I can see a difference in my brows already. My brows have a nice shape and look to them even on days I may skip applying (which is very rarely) but even completely bare they are giving what they need to give and I love it!

Ok enough talking let me show you my before and after using this product:



See what I mean about the natural look and definition of my brows! If you’re looking for a one-step brow gel to get your brows together this is the one, you can find the R+F Brow Defining Boost here and learn more about the product benefits here.

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