My favorite Products for treating Keratosis pilaris

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Hey y'all

I've been really taking my skin care seriously , click here to see what I using to keep my skin maskne free. Now while I want to keep my face clear, with summer on it's way I'm also looking to keep my body glowing and smooth.

I've been working to manage a common skin condition Keratosis Pilaris. The area affected on my body is on the back of my arms, but this condition can also effect hips, buttocks, and legs too. While this condition is quite common it definitely makes me self conscious.

While KP requires on going treatment in order for it to be maintained it can be improved with consistency, here are products I'm using in my bodycare routine to treat my KP.

Chemical Exfoliants: Products with acids or enzymes that help eat away dead skin cells. This chemical exfoliant pad from Dr. Dennis gross is great at improving skin texture.

Physical exfoliants: Body scrubs with physical exfoliation such as salt scrubs, and sugar scrubs. Tip : Physical exfoliation alone won't clear up this skin condition. The KP scrub from first aid beauty combines chemical and physical exfoliants and it is crazy effective at clearing KP.

Moisturizing products: Products such as body creams, and dry oils help to replenish moisture post exfoliation. You can also incorporate AHA's and BHA's into your moisturizer for even more results, just be mindful to keep these areas protected with SPF. This watermelon glow body cream is a go-to.

I make sure to rotate these products into my shower care routine, in order to see improvement on my skin. Here's a full breakdown of how I use these products watch here .

I hope this helps , this condition can definitely be frustrating but remember consistency is key to making progress with your skin.