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Bathroom Makeover with Mitchell Black

Hey, y'all it has been far too long since I've updated my blog post. Let's get into this bathroom refresh. As a reminder for those that don't follow my Instagram, I've recently moved into this basement apartment, and making it feel like me was a priority.

The foundation of this makeover is the beautiful wallpaper from Mitchell Black in the style Shagreen - Jet Black Wallpaper - Mrs Paranjape Papers this bold print was so perfect for this space.

I was worried this print wouldn't hold up well in this high moisture area but thankfully it is such high quality that it is holding up beautifully. Now I will say this wallpaper cost a pretty penny in comparison with the peel and stick papers on amazon. Thankfully if you are on a budget you can use the afterpay feature on the website. To pop against the wallpaper I added gold accents throughout the space and I love how it turned out.



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