7 TIps For Long Healthy natural hair

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and I got loads of questions so I figured let's make this a blog post.

I must admit I've learned alot over the past 8 years about growing out and maintaining healthy hair. While I love a good hair product as much as the next girl I've learned it takes more than a product to keep your hair healthy. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when developing your hair routine.

Here are 7 simple tips that have helped me:

-Deep condition regularly

This made a huge difference in my hair. I deep condition weekly. Deep conditioning helps with maintaining the proper moisture in the hair. It also helps me maintain curl shape and elasticity you can see some of my favorite deep conditioners here.

-Avoid too using your much heat on your hair and Avoid using excessive temps when using heat.

When getting my hair straightened I'm always mindful of the amount of heat that is used. Communication with your stylist is key to making sure your heat styling goes well. I personally don't straighten my hair more than 3-4 times a year if that much, and I definitely feel this aids in length retention.

-Trim ends regularly

Whew adding trims, professional trims, baby girl they are an entire game changer. It's been hard to go in salon due to Covid-19 but they are absolutely a KEY to keeping length. Getting trims professionally has made the best difference in my hair, especially for length retention. It may seem counter intuitive but holding on to dead and split ends is actually what makes you end up having to go shorter. At minimum I aim to get 2 trims annually.

-Wrap hair in silk or satin at night, or sleep on a sip or satin pillow case

This makes all the difference with breakage especially around the hairline. This protects my strands from breakage and dryness that cotton pillow cases can cause.

-Avoid too much manipulation when styling to avoid breakage

I love adding protective styles to my routine so that my strands aren't getting to much manipulation or tension from styling. I find that this definitely helps me with retaining length. When I do use styling tools and hair ties I try to find ones that are high quality and wont't snag my strands.

-Eat well and drink plenty of water

Diet is often overlooked but it is major for hair growth. While some opt to add in hair vitamins into their routines I prefer to add vitamin dense foods into my diet . Also hydration is key for healthy hair.

-Give your hair time ☺️

This tip is often the toughest, despite claims of rice water, inversion, and scalp massages hair growth still takes time. Patience with your hair will make your hair journey much easier.

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