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5 Best Treatments for curly hair

Ok y'all so as promised I'm back with some of my favorite products for maintaining and keeping my curls healthy. I swear by deep conditioning for keeping my hair growing, thriving, and these products have definitely been game changers! Ok here's my list:

For Intense Moisture:

Redken All Soft Heavy Cream Super Treatment Mask -

Why I love this mask : My low porosity requires that I work a little harder to infuse and lock in moisture to my hair. This mask manages to penetrate my strands and leave my curls super soft.

Key Benefits/Ingredients :

  • Deep conditioning and moisturizing factors replenish and maintain essential moisture balance

  • Argan oil: replenishes hair for intense softness

  • Gold Camelina: adds luminous shine

  • Avocado oil: provides silky softness

  • Olive oil: provides leave-in conditioning

  • Silk amino acid: helps strengthen

For Curl Integrity and Strength:

Olaplex bond repairing system No.0 and No.3

Why I love it: I love pairing these products together to keep my curl integrity intact and helps to combat and repair, thermal and mechanical damage.

I also use the No.3 treatment as a stand alone product for maintaining protein and elasticity within my hair. The benefits of this product are immediate, but are even more effective after multiple treatments.

Key Benefits/Ingredients :

  • Addresses damage and compromised hair from chemical,thermal, and mechanical damage

  • Strengthens and repairs hair structure

  • Restores healthy appearance of hair

For Curl Elasticity:

Ouidad Curl Recovery Meltdown Mask

Why I love it: Curl elasticity is important to allow curls to be manipulated and styled while maintaining their shape. This is of major importance for me especially since I like styles that incorporate more manipulation of hair strands such as, braids, blowouts, and styles on stretched hair.

Key Benefits/Ingredients :

  • Mafura Butter and Kalahari Melon Seed Oil - envelopes the hair shaft with a cushion-like coating of concentrated fatty acids vital to rebuilding

  • Replenishes moisture loss

  • Restores the protective layer to promote health and prevent future damage

These treatments keep my hair popping and healthy especially as I get more active and wear my hair in more curly styles as the weather gets warmer. You can find product demos of my deep conditioning routine here and here.

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