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3 Ways to Style your Coffee Table


Hey hey! One of my favorite areas in my room is my coffee table. I love that it's both stylish and functional. Here are some of my favorite affordable ways to style my coffee table.

Style it up with Books :

I love the look coffee table books give my table. This is a great way to add stylish accents without spending too much. Tip: For a more affordable take on this trend check your local thrift shops. Thrift stores have great varieties of books in diffrent sizes. If you don't see a book that fits your room decor be sure to check under the book cover as well. You will typically find a super clean look like this the one shown below when you remove the sleeve.

Add Mirrors and Metallic Accents:

Homegoods, Marshalls, and Target are some of my favorite places to find great decorative accents. I love using mirrored elements like the tray shown below to add a level of visual interest to my table. I like pairing mirrored pieces with metallics for an extra pop. These gold spheres really brought this look together nicely.

Add Greenery :

I'm a huge fan of adding plant (real or faux) into my space. I currently have a beautiful Monstera leaf on my table but there are so many great ways to style plants and flowers. Tip: If you looking for a super affordable arrangement you can find great D.I.Y options. Micheals offers realistic faux leaves and flowers and you can upcycle thrifted vases and make your arrangement for a great price .

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