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3 Tips for your next D.I.Y project

Hey there loves,

I've been loving getting creative and finally tackling home projects that I've been putting off for the longest. It's been really nice to get creative and keep it affordable with D.I.Y projects. I always get questions about how I do these projects so here are a few tips...


  1. Research the tools needed- Rather it's painting a wall mural, adding a lighting feature, or changing up your flooring the right tools make all the difference. I find it much more enjoyable to research all of the items needed BEFORE you get started. Learn from me and do be that guy or girl running to Home Depot for tiny items and supplies you didn't realize you need mid project.

  2. Get creative and think outside the box - Listen one thing I've learned is to go big or go home. Taking bigger creative risks leads to bigger rewards. Also don't stress too much most projects can be undone in the worst case scenario.

  3. Don't overthink it. Have fun. - Overthinking saps the Joy out of being creative. If you just want to get your feet wet on the D.I.Y scene start with a small project. To nervous about painting the entire room, try and accent wall. If that still seems to nerve wracking step back and take a deep breath at the end of the day D.I.Ys should be fun. Also once you have everything go for it and get started. Postponing the start date can let more nerves set in.

That's it, be sure to tag me on Insta in your D.I.Y projects @mg__03

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