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3 Tips for maintaining your Fall Silkpress

It's silk press season!! I'm so excited that it's finally cooler which means blowing out my curls. My silk press can definitely revert quickly though if I'm not maintaining my hair so here are a few heat free things I do to maintain my hair while straight.

Preserve your hair at night - Preserving my hair with a silk or satin scarf is always a priority but it's a major key to preserving my hair while straightened. I find that preserving my hair nightly ensures that my ends won't get frizzy. I also use Flexi rods and soft rollers to add volume and curl to my hair without adding additional heat.

Don't overload on product - I'm a self proclaimed product junky but over doing it on hair products too soon will backfire. I try not to add any serums or hair oils until I hit the 2 week mark. I love that this allows me to keep my hair full and voluminous and it helps avoid weighing down my hair. I also make sure the products I use aren't water based to avoid my hair prematurely reverting.

Be willing to pivot the style - As the weeks go by, I aim to let the style last at least 4 weeks, I'm willing to play around with the style. High buns, braided ponytails, and crown braids are just a few of the styles that I transition to as my silk press gets older. These styles allow me to keep the silk press look longer and to avoid heat damage.

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