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3 Tips for Healthy Indoor plants

Hey y'all!!

I'm back with another post on making your home cozy. I started getting into plant care about 2 years and let me tell you it has proven to be such a calming hobby. I have plant all through out my room and I'm convinced that they help me sleep better. Plants are definitely growing in popularity but they are still living things and that means they need the right care in order to thrive here are a few tips for healthy plants .


  1. Clean your plants once a Month - Keeping the surfaces of your pants clean from dust and debris helps make sure they can properly engage in photosynthesis. It also is such a vibe to have beautiful shiny plants.

  2. Keep a watering schedule- I keep my plants on a weekly watering schedule which works for the needs of my plant types. This may vary depending on the type of plant you decide to go with, you may have to water more or less. Keeping a schedule though once you find what works for your plants is important to prevent over or under watering.

  3. Give them space- Ok now one of the biggest tips which I feel like I don't see often enough is to not over do it with plant care. I find that for the most part my plants are pretty easy and don't need you over doing it, in fact take it from me picking with your plants can actually set them back, especially when propagating, remember less is more.

Thanks for reading! See ya in the next post !

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