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3 Easy Healthy Salad Recipes

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

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If your like me then you may be looking to eat a bit healthier. Last year the spirit of the snack attacks took over (lol) and while I'm still snacking I must admit I'm aiming to have more moderation and balance this year.

I'm still a true foodie though so my healthy meals have to taste great too. I've recently been playing around with salad combos and man have they been tasty. Here ares some of my favorite Salad combos.

  1. Plant Based Cobb Salad - This Salad is a play on the traditional Cobb Salad. I used fried oyster mushrooms as my plant based "Fried Chicken". I also added in avocado and this combo of ingredients is so flavorful. (Leave out the boiled egg to make this recipe vegan) .

2. Salmon Spinach Salad - This Salad is super easy to make and the Roasted Salmon, paired with the apples, and spinach base is really good. I love adding unique elements like these sweet apples to my salads to play with flavors. (Tip: Make sure to season your salad base with salt and pepper trust me it makes a difference.)

3. Shrimp Cesar Salad - This play on the traditional Cesar Salad is so delicious. My secret to the flavor in this salad is oven roasting the jumbo shrimp. It's a really simple recipe of grapeseed oil, salt, and fresh cracked pepper until cooked or about 10-12 minutes on 400 degrees. This extra step takes the flavor up so much!

That's it! Let me know if you try these recipes!

Until Next Time,


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