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3 Easy Ways to elevate your rental

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Hey, Hey! If you keep up with me over on the gram then you know that although I don't love my current apartment I am a believer in making it the best I can. That's meant using easy upgrades to elevate and customize my space to feel more true to me. I completely understand the hesitation around improving a space that for many doesn't feel permanent but here are some easy upgrades you can make an easily reverse :


Change your Walls : I love adding paint in creative ways to my walls. Murals, full on room changes, and accent walls are just some of the many ways to add to your space. I love that this is an easy and reversible option. Tip: with can have tons of impact without breaking the bank.

Switch up the lights: Okay if your apartment is older like mine is then your familiar with the super ugly lighting that's built in to the space 😩. Changing up your lights doesn't have to be daunting and can really elevate your room. If you want to get really sassy you can even use really unique bulbs in your fixture to create a whole different vibe in the space.

Add Textiles : Ok okay, I'm not gonna lie. I definitely feel like pillows and throws are so clutch for creating a vibe and making a space look super expensive. I'm obsessed with adding pillows in the same color palette in different textures. I'm always stalking sale sections of high end retailers and when I have a specific idea in mind I get fabric from local stores and do D.I.Y projects.

Ok Das it! I hope this post was helpful and gives you some inspiration.

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