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3 Apps I'm using to stay productive

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Hey guys!

Like so many of us my daily routine has shifted and become much less formal than it once was. While I love the added time it can be a challenge to stay productive so here are a few things I've been using to keep myself focused in my new routine.

1. The first is the focus keeper app. I love that this app helps you hyper focus on one task at a time instead of multitasking. Multitasking might feel more effective but often times it actually isn’t. I find myself starting a lot of different projects and not actually finishing any through the day, so I love that this app helps me to not do that by tackling tasks one at a time in 25 minute chunks while also reminding me to take regular breaks and be balanced.

2. Next up I love the Microsoft to-do app for my MacBook Pro. I added this virtual to-do list which helps me to create to-do lists and then, I can check off items in real time when I’ve completed a task. Something about seeing the task crossed off my list makes me feel like I’ve really gotten something accomplished. I also really love how this helps me keep up with what is rolling over into my following day, week, and month.

3. Last but not least is audible. While I still love reading a good book physically I now love listening to self-help books on this app. I find that I sometimes like to have a little background noise like music or sometimes a Netflix show in the background while I’m working. Instead of doing that with a TV show or a music playlist I've been listening to self-help, and finance books. I still allow myself a little wiggle room to sometimes just have a good vibey playlist on while working but incorporating this into my routine has helped me actually get halfway through a book already and it’s been less than a week (woot woot).

Ok that's it for me but please share this if you found it helpful with a friend that will find it helpful too.

Until next time XXX,


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