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In Review:Body complete RX

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Hey lovely people!!

In case your don't follow me on my other social platforms you may not know I've started a fitness and wellness journey. At the beginning of my journey I was desperately looking to get a jump start on my weight loss and saw tons of positive feedback on this system the gram. Here's what the kits includes :

- Slim-er energy drops

- B12 drops

- Slim-er HCG drops

- Vanilla Vegan Protein powder



This kit retails for 189.99 with tax its basically about $200. So now that we've gotten that out of the way let's get into my thoughts.

This system recommends a pretty high protein low carb diet, that's also low in calories. To be completely honest if you follow that way of eating you should drop weight rather you use this system or not. I personally opted for a bit more balanced way of eating and included working out and quality carbs like fruits, brown rice, and sweet potatoes into my diet, those are all food groups that aren't to be included with the plan or are restricted.

Ok now on to my results ... I didn't see much at all in total about 3 lbs . I must admit since I was working out and eating well I expected to see the scale move a little more, especially when there were reviews with claims of others dropping 10 lbs on the first week.

My sister also ordered this system and choose to follow the recommended diet more closely and she too only lost about 5 lbs total. I did feel like I had a bit more energy thanks to the drops and a bit less sweet cravings initially but that soon subsided. I honestly felt like a sucker... I'd gotten played by great marketing on Instagram and product reviews. I can't say other clients experience weren't much more effective than my own but all I can speak to is my results. I'd much rather suggest investing in personal training, workout gear, or even a gym membership. This also taught me that real weight loss and a healthier lifestyle doesn't have short cuts so know more diet pills for me.

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