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Fitness isn't very inclusive : Here's How I deal

Lately I've been taking my fitness more seriously, investing in it , and striving for consistency. While doing that unfortunately I've discovered another area that could stand to be more inclusive.... Fitness.

Health and Fitness can be a really white space... no really. I strolled past a late night workout class on my way out of the gym and peered into the windows of the class, and couldn't help but notice a sea of women that didn't look like me. I'd noticed this before but didn't really let it sit in. Later that day I snatched up two magazines ( Women's Health and Shape) that featured black women on the cover. Brands like these magazines are making an effort to include other hues and more WOC but there is still a large gap in my opinion. Fitness Hashtags typically depict men and women that are usually white...decked out in lululemon, holding a smoothie or Acai bowl.



Even the healthcare space uses information that lacks and inclusive approach when speaking to patients about weight and wellness. I recently listened to an awesome health/wellness podcast, Food heaven Podcast, that took on the topic of the BMI chart. This chart is not only dated but was initially developed on the stats of white men (side-eye), and yet this is being used in many healthcare facilities as the standard no matter the ethnicity of the patient.

Okay, okay enough about the issues how do I manage to deal? I try to curate my world...I'm selective in what I take in through various media outlets and I reaffirm my right to be in the same spaces no matter how I look. I seek out social media spaces like Black Girl in Om, OmNoire, Massy Arias, and podcasts like the Food Heaven Podcast. I love finding spaces that highlight and showcase fitness from other perspectives. That's also apart of the reason I'm so passionate about sharing my experiences now so that hopefully I can be a source of encouragement for someone else. We all deserve to be well and not just survive but thrive.... Cheers to that!



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