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My 3 Summer Curly Hair Essentials

Hey y'all!! I can't believe its already May which means Summer is around the corner. Summer is one of my favorite seasons but it can definitely wreak havoc on curly hair if not careful. I'm keeping it simple with my 3 Curly Hair Essentials

1. A great Styling Product-

This Devacurl styler is amazing at leaving hair elongated and it hold ups well in humidity ( which I need here on the east coast). I love that I can get a week of wear out of my hair after styling with this product, which is great since I'm usually on the go in the summer.

2. A Thick Deep Conditioner -

I love this affordable deep conditioner. It's price point is perfect since I normally wash my hair more often in the summer months. Deep conditioning is very important to hair care especially in the summer when the air can fluctuate from swampy and hot to dry and hot, leaving hair depleted of moisture. This Matcha Butter Masque has a focus on moisture which makes it perfect for this time of year, plus it smell like summer.

3. Hair Accessories-

When it's super hot I like to get hair out of my face and sometime up off my shoulders, so cute accessories are a go to. I love the Goody brand for great hair piece that won't snag my hair. I also love checking my local Beauty supply for cute finds. This time of year is perfect for embellishing the hair, rather your rocking curls, or a protective style.

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