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My Olaplex experience.....

Hey y'all!

I recently got my hair done in Salon ( I'll have a blog post on the full experience later but in the meantime if your in D.C. looking for a great stylist check out @famouspamdc ). I was long overdue for a trim and since one of my hair goals is to grow out my hair I knew it was time to get rid of some bad ends.


I checked out the stylist who's been caring for my sister's hair over the past year and booked her for a trim... and while booking I saw the option to add on a free standing Olaplex treatment. I immediately booked it because I've heard such great things about this treatment especially for curly hair. I've had Olaplex mixed into to color, back when I went light a few summers back but I've never had it as a stand alone treatment.

Okay so what is Olaplex? It's a treatment designed to actually rebuild the bond in the hair, which improves shine, health, strengthens, and it can also improve curl patterns that have lost their bounce due to things like color, or even heat. Since I'd be using heat on my hair during my appointment I though this would be a perfect add on to ensure the integrity of my curls.

The treatment took about 30 mins in total and had 2 steps, once the treatment was rinsed out I could see a subtle but definite difference in my curls. I've seen a great transformation with my sister's curls though. I'll be getting my second treatment in this coming week but in the meantime here's the rundown.

Price: $50

Duration of service: 30 mins

Safe for: Color treated and virgin hair

Benefits: Reversal of damage and increased curl elasticity

Final thoughts: This treatment will not be an overnight miracle especially if your hair is severely damaged , but it will significantly improve your hair (the science behind this treatment is real) and to see best results I'd recommend getting a monthly treatment in Salon.

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