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My Curly Salon Experience

I've been on the hunt for a good salon that can care for the variety of curls and kinks on my head and even though natural hair has surged in popularity finding a salon HAS BEEN TOUGH!

I kept encountering salons that would do "Natural Hair" but that did not specialize in caring for it. I'm aiming to reach new lengths with my curls so finding a salon to help curly hair maintenance was key.

Enter Diaspora Salon, after looking up this salon, it's Instagram page, and YouTube channel I knew I'd found a great salon. Finding a good salon is only half of the battle, you've gotta mesh with the stylist and the vibe of the salon too. I arrived at Diaspora Salon with no expectations and open minded. As soon as I entered the space I was greeted by Leah the other stylist at Diaspora salon. The quaint waiting area included magazines, a scented diffuser, plants that garnished the windows, and Yebba playing in the background. The hippy chic vibe continued through out the space and the salon it's self is decorated beautifully.

Yasmine, the salon owner, and my stylist for the day, was busy handling clients and the phones. ( I could instantly tell this salon is her baby and she is about her business). We started with hellos and then got into the consultation explaining what we'd be doing that day. We got started with the HAIR & CURL DETOX TREATMENT™



This treatment is a signature of the salon and is described as the following on the website:

This stellar treatment detoxifies, hydrates and restores dry and parched hair. Perfect addition to any service, especially a Wash & Go, Curly Cut or DevaCut™ to ensure your curls are at their maximum, juiciest potential. More than one treatment may be needed to fully remove build-up.

Once this process was completed Yasmine styled my hair in a wash and go then fluffed and sent me on my way with super soft fluffy curls. To be honest it almost felt as though my hair was a different texture... areas that struggled with definition were curled and super soft. Yasmine is crazy knowledgeable about hair and it shows in the little things (like not towel drying my hair or raking through it with a comb). The passion she has for curls is clear from her own healthy head of hair.

The process in total took about 4 hours, (I also got a dark color over my old highlights).

Check out my full video on the experience here.

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