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Girl where you been!!!

Hey y'all !! So uh February was a bust for me ....I ain't blogged or posted consistently at all chileee. Let's just say I spent half the month sick and the other half helping my sis who got sick. Then there was all the tom foolery going on in the world of entertainment, social media, politics and the like... February was a mess!



I'm back and feeling a bit better and trying to walk the fine balance between my main job, side hustle, and creative endeavors. So I'm learning to not make any over commitments or put undue pressure on myself. I'm wanting to enjoy creating again and sharing with y'all both here on my Youtube, and on my IG.

I'm excited to share my curly salon experience with y'all in my next post.... so stay tuned for that...

Thanks to all y'all that stick with ya girl and stay checking out my content!




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