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My Favorite Foodie Spots: DC Edition

Hey y'all,

As promised I'm back with more of my favorite foodie spots in my hometown of DC. To me D.C is such a wonderful melting pot of cultures and cuisines. I often forget how much of a luxury it is to just be able to head on over to 14th street and have a variety of cuisines from Ethiopian to Japanese.

Here are some of my fave spots:

- Mi Cuba Cafe:

This little hole in the wall restaurant throws down when it comes to super authentic Cuban cuisine. My favorite dish is the fried fish with a mojito or glass of guava sangria YUM!

- Sakerum:

This sushi bar/restaurant is a vibe. Dim lighting and candles greet you upon your entrance , not to mention they have great food. I'm a sushi lover but even those that are a bit less adventurous with their food tastes will love the sushi hear. The Double Trouble is winner especially alongside their Lychee martini ( summer drink) or Girls Adore Me (Fall/Winter)

-Woodmont Grille:

Just outside of DC this local fixture has a great menu. I love their veggie burger, and spinach and artichoke dip is a must. The cocktails here are also amazing. This restaurant is a bit on the pricier side but every now and then you gotta splurge... **wink**

- Hip City Veg:

This Vegan spot will convert your non Vegan friends. I got an amazing chicken sandwich from them which left me with a full happy belly.... and none of the guilt.

I have so many more spots to recommend so I think I'll stop here for now and come back with a part 2... If you find this post helpful give it a share....

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