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I Googled biotin and here's what I found....

Hey there beautiful people...

Okay so today I'm tackling a subject that's been on my heart for a while now lol.... Seriously though, I feel like biotin is the new coconut oil. First Biotin supplements were popping up every where.... what happened to everyone that was using but for real? Any-who the latest buzz seems to be the use of biotin through topical application. Products ranging from deep conditioners, to stylers infused with biotin claim to help hair growth kick into high gear and then ya know your Rapunzel. Here's the thing though... I wanted to know if biotin truly is linked to increased hair growth so ya girl headed to Google.

I aimed to source websites with a more clinical, scientific perspective as opposed to hair blogs, and I definitely steered clear of product reviews. We've all seen the videos on Youtube with claims of crazy growth after incorporate biotin supplements and now after using biotin products.

So after a pretty quick search I found tons of info basically disproving the claims of biotin increasing the rate of hair growth. In the instance your taking a supplement most of that is being * cough* expelled from your body through natural waste elimination. I found it even more surprising to know that most healthy adults are already getting plenty of biotin through out diets naturally. The exception to this is if you've found after a blood test that you are biotin deficient. There are some benefits from applying biotin topically and some limited studies linking a correlation between biotin and increased fullness of hair. So biotin can help with those who have fine hair....butttttt as I said the studies are limited, and it takes quite a while (at least 6-8 weeks) for the effects to be seen. Okay but what if your hair is full and thickness isn't one of your concerns your looking for growth, growth, growth?! Well here's the good news biotin can help with length retention but it isn't able to increase the rate of growth that naturally occurs with your hair... no studies have proven otherwise so despite the great marketing surrounding it biotin isn't a miracle supplement that's going to make your hair sprout.

Like I said before there are some benefits to biotin, so if your choose to grab a product that has it as a key ingredient it's not going to harm your hair. My word of caution is to be reasonable in your expectations of what it can do for your hair, and know that it will take time to see the benefits. These benefits are often more moderate than what we'd expect or to be honest what we want. All in all I learned a lot about hair and how various ingredients effect it, and I'm going to be more mindful to not give the wrong impression to my audience when doing reviews.

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