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How to: Affordable Decor on a Budget

Hey beautiful people! Can y'all believe it's 2019 (gasps and sheds thug tear). To me this is the time where rather you like it on not you reflect on goals and productivity. To me nothing helps me be more productive than a clean, cozy space. I've got y'all covered with plenty of room decor inspiration, and tips on how to keep it affordable.

Be open to thrifting -

Local thrift stores have tons of hidden gems and diamonds in the rough that can be great additions to your space. (Tip: Keep an eye out for furniture with good lines and potential remember a coat of paint and change of hardware can give a piece a new lease on life.)

Hunt through Retail bargain stores-

Retail stores like Homegoods, Marshall's, and T.J Maxx are great for Home decor deals, these retailers are similar to thrift shops in that usually the selection is one of a kind, which means if you find a good piece keep it in your cart and buy it then. These retailers sometimes require you search a bit more but they are worth the effort. ( Tip: If your looking for trendy pieces keep a look out for them here. I don't spend much on pieces that may go out of style or that I may end switching out of my space. )

Dumpster Dive-

Okay so not literally but almost lol. Seriously though I like in a city and I can't tell beautiful art work, furniture, and fixtures I've found on the sidewalks with signs that say free. This doesn't happen all the time but it is possible. All I'm saying is be open and don't fee "too good" to grab that free stuff. Up-cycling is not only good for the environment it's good for your pockets too.

(Tip: Use cleanser to clean and sanitize items before bringing them inside, and use discretion if the items look too soiled or in bad repair. )

You can see my room tour here.

Links to similar items:

T.V. stand - Thrifted similar style HERE

Beige Sectional couch- Affordable option HERE, My exact couch (originally from CB2, I found it at Goodwill) HERE

Gold framed Abstract art - Thrifted pieces, an affordable art option with the same vibe is here

Coffee Table - Thrifted similar option here

Vouge Magazine - CVS September cover

Printed Rug- Thrifted

Gold Throw pillows - Target

Silver Pillows - Gifted from Safavieh

Bedding - Target. Home goods, Amazon

Leopoard Louboutin Heels Artwork- Home goods similar style here

Glass Night stand -Thrifted similar style here

Jewelry containers - Target

Necklace stand - Target

Bracelet Stand - Home goods

Mirror ( over dresser) - Marshalls similar one here

Iorn Circle- Thrifted


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