My complicated relationship with Natural Hair Products...

Hey y'all !

As you can tell from the title of this post I'm doing a bit of venting. I've been sharing my hair journey online for about 5 years now, and I love connecting with women all over that benefit from what I share. Here's the thing though.... I get DM's on the regular of folks sharing screen shots of new products from a brand claiming to be and do something amazing. I love seeing the increase in products that are available for textured hair.... but it's starting to get overwhelming.

I used to be so obsessed with keeping up with the latest releases and doing reviews on them right away... I still enjoy doing reviews because I'd rather be a guinea pig for a product that was sent to me at no cost and share with y'all my thoughts than to have you go out and spent your hard earned coins and then hate it. I care. I view my audience like my sister's and I mean that. I've had many a moments where I stop my sister from buying a product because it wasn't good and I don't want her using her money on something that's gonna disappoint.

More than that though, is the fact that even though there are more products on the market than ever, when I have one on one conversations with ladies at various places in their hair journey (transitioning, newly big chopped, natural a few years) it seems like there is still a disconnect between them and understanding how to have thriving, healthy hair. “My hair is so dry”, “I can't get my hair to stay defined”, “it's not growing”.... are just a few of the issues I've heard brought up in conversation.

What I will say is keeping my hair healthy, growing and happy, isn't to be attributed to one product in particular, instead I feel like it's consistency with a routine. The products you choose to use in that routine may vary based on your budget, climate, hair texture and the like, but consistency is key. Here's what I make sure to in my routine :

- Cleanse with a shampoo

- Detangle using a rinse out conditioner

- Deep condition with Heat at least 20 mins

- Rinse my hair thoroughly

-Style with a moisturizing cream, or a leave-in and gel

That's it... hopefully this helps you the next time your stumped with your natural hair routine.