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Random Musings: I was an Online Hater

Hey beautiful people!

I got lots of love on my last Random Musings post so I decided to go ahead and make it a regular feature of the blog. Ok first off the title is not clickbait it's the honest truth.

Now before y'all go unfollowing me let me clarify I wasn't an online troll by any means but at the same time, I was a hater. Let me explain. I always get on my little soap box about supporting other influencers, especially women of color, even more specifically black women because we remain unrepresented in much of media, but I had to be honest and admit I wasn't always practicing what I preached.

I'd see that post or see that link to the blog and scroll right by. To someone that isn't in the blogger and influencer space you might be scratching your head right now. How does that make you a hater? Here's why, because I am in the blogger/influencer space I understand the effort that went into that post, the work it took to get that blog post up, to maintain a website, the cost of hiring that photographer to shoot their look or painstakingly taking their own photos. I could blow it off as just a simple scroll but when I thought deeper on it, it was more behind my move.

I thought on it and realized there was a bit of jealousy. I saw many of these ladies killing it with awesome content, and because of this awesome opportunities. Envy on social media is crazy because your envying something and often don't know the story behind how that opportunity or success came about. To be honest even when we know a little more back story we are often jealous and envious of a curated reality. We only know what that person chooses to share. That being said I quietly decided to work on this. To go and watch that new video, or read that latest blog post, to like that photo, and actually comment (*gasps*). When commenting I didn't want to just write those spam comments like, "great feed" or "cool" ( I hate those by the way) I wanted to hype them in the comments! Give actual feedback, or even more leave a comment on the content they produced sharing why I enjoyed it.

This market is saturated so it can make you feel like you need to be savage, but I've learned that's not true at all. Root for others, be happy for them genuinely and watch God bless you. I know how much it means to me when someone truly appreciates my video, or the honesty I give in a product review, or tries something I suggested. It can be easy to throw up a quick inspirational quote about loving and supporting other queens but the real test is in your everyday actions. Alright that's all for today's thought.




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