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Being an Air B&B Host : What I've learned thus far...

Hey beautiful people,

So if your follow me on my Social (which I'm hoping you do) then you've seen that I recently started a new business endeavor with my sister, putting up a listing on Air B&B which you can check out here. I got a few questions about how it's been going running our own Air B&B so I figured why not do a blog post ....



Here's what I've learned so far.

1. People in the general sense are CRAZY !

I figured why not start with the most important fact first... that's right people are crazy. That can be crazy in a good way or in a bad way. This platform allows you to connect with others and make money at the same time but best believe you'll earn it . Most guest honestly are super nice BUUTTTTTT then there are the ones that are super demanding and mistakenly think that they are in the Ritz penthouse, instead of your house. What I've learned is that everytime we get a client like that the next 3 guests are usually so ridiculously sweet you forget all about the stinky goober that got on your nerves.

2. Set Boundaries and stick to them....

Adults are basically little kids in bigger bodies...which means they will try and get there way. Set and keep your boundaries, in customer service your taught to say no without saying no. That basically means instead of just saying no... say no and offer an alternative.

For example:

Guest- Can we come early to check -in we are here and want to leave our luggage?

Me- Hi (Insert guest name) unfortunately no, early check-in isn't possible but there are locker stations at convenient metro points around the city that allow you to leave your luggage for a small fee, if you like I can send over a link to the website offering more info?

This means you'll have to know your area so you can offer those alternatives. There will be instances when you don't have an alternative to offer, in that instance simply say no as nice as possible ...but stick to your boundaries, trust me.


3. Communicate with your Team...

You can't be great alone so you'll most likely have a team for a successful listing. Communication is key an every now and then have vent sessions. Communication is key to keeping things running smoothly especially in busy season!! I work with my sister so it's especially important that I do so cause I ain't trying to fall out with family lol , no matter who your partner in crime is keep a good line of conversation going.

4. Don't be Obsessive-

It's easy to become obsessed with bookings, making the space perfect, and every guest happy.

Here's the thing, you can't make everyone happy, and as long as you've done your best be happy and proud of that. You'll see listings that look way fancier than your own and that's okay...stay in YOUR lane and keep doing YOUR best.

All in all this business has more pro's than con's, but don't let Instagram fool ya entrepreneurship isn't easy or always glamorous .....


Mary G.

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