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My Favorite Foodie Spots : NOLA Edition

Hey y'all so I've been browsing my content and I realized I don't have nearly enough travel and foodie posts. So in an effort to change that I'm sharing past and upcoming travels along with my fave food spots. It's only fitting that I begin with one of my most epic food destinations... New Orleans.

Food is more than food, as anyone who's ever gone on a diet will tell you. Food is connected to emotions too and NOLA gives you all the feels, from the warm southern greeting, to the fact no one judges you on that second drink, or that second butter lathered biscuit. I legit had the most amazing food experiences so it was pretty hard to narrow down my list to three spots but here we go (these spots are perfect if you are on foot and limited to the French Quarter Strip):


- Tableau (

Okay this place was so good we actually went twice, and we were only in town 3 full days! The brunch at Tableau is a MUST, as are the bottomless mimosas, and the waiter who manages to have a radar on your glass as soon as your due for a refill. You also have to try at least one dessert, they are all made in house by the pastry chef on staff .


- GW Fins ( )

This restaurant is an experience. I'd love to rattle off recommendations but honestly I'd have to say talk to your server and get the recommendations from him. GW fins specializing in seafood meaning different items may be in season, and featured at different times on the menu. You honestly can't go wrong ordering anything from here. My only recommendation is to end your night with the creamless chocolate martini as an after dinner drink. LIFE CHANGING !


- Broussards (

This spot is so Instagramable! Honestly this one made my list because of the amazing bartender that wouldn't let us order off the menu, instead he wanted to chat and then make us a custom cocktail for us based on our taste and personalities. The bar food was also delish, but the experience and customer service won me over more than anything... oh and the cocktail was amazing too. If your in the mood for full service brunch, lunch, or ,dinner they have an amazing restaurant too outside of the Empire Bar.

Alrighty that's my NOLA list...




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