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August Already???Random Musings...

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Can y'all believe it's August.....???? I can't either if I'm being honest and yet here we are. I'll get a year older this month and I always get super reflective and sometimes a bit down during this time of year ( I plan on changing that this year), anywho it got me thinking .....


My sister and I were talking the other day and she asked me why everyone is always taking pictures, and or planning another photo shoot.... I did my best to explain, only for her to reply, I just don't get it. To be honest I understood why she was a bit puzzled and it got me thinking seriously about what Instagram and other social platforms has done to us. It got me focusing on what's really important.

A few weeks later when starting the day with my bible verse for the day the comments on the verse made me think of the same topic.... one of the quotes really resonated with me..., " there is a danger with becoming consumed with what amounts to trivia... someone could become prideful over how many likes they get... or even get upset over someone unfollowing them." Trivial.... it really is just that. Now don't get me wrong the art , beauty and talent found in the creative space online is wonderful to watch and be apart of in a small way, but you've gotta be balanced. Check your feed, share that idea... but the key word that stood out to me was consumed. Let's be honest here we've all had moments where IG or another platform has consumed our time, energy, or day. That's where we've gotta be careful... oh and while we're at it we gotta stop getting gassed up because we have a certain number of what? Are you a good person? Kind? Helpful to others? I mean as a blogger I realize numbers are important but it's gotten to the point where folks think that number makes them entitled ... If we're not careful we could roll that mentality over into other parts of our lives like our me my momma could care less how many people are following me ... to her I'm just Mary.


This posts a bit all over the place I warned y'all I get you can relate to something in this share it with a friend....




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