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Hair Color Update : Do I regret it?

Hey loves,

If you've been keeping up with my on my other social platforms (Instagram and Youtube) then you've seen my color change. To catch up on the process up till this point you can check out my video on the cut/color here.



Okay now that you're all caught up let's get in to the good bad and ugly of coloring natural hair....

To be honest I haven't had any "ugly" or "bad" with this change. Thankfully I'd been caring for my hair prior to the color service so my hair was in excellent health. I also haven't used heat in my hair (over one year), or done any box color (over 2 years) , which can also have an impact on how hair responds to color. Last but definitely not least I wanted to be super safe with coloring and make sure my curls would come popping back so I opted to include the upgrade of Olaplex in my color service.

Olaplex is a 3 part system, step 1 is incorporated into the color itself that's applied to the hair. Step 2 is applied in salon after the color has been washed out and left on as a treatment before shampooing and conditioning. Finally step 3 is an at home treatment to be used in the weeks after color. This was an additional $50 but in my opinion well worth it, as the at home treatment by itself retails for $30 at Sephora.

The combination of a professional colorist, a good at home hair routine, and Olaplex all played a part in my great results. I have had an amazing experience with this color switch up and don't regret it one bit! Here are a few of my tips on how to make sure your experience is just as positive ...


Consult with a Hair care professional - this can even be done virtually, this will help you know if color is even a good idea for your hair and what the process will be to get you to your desired color.

Prepare your hair at home - Develop and maintain a good hair care routine before and after color. This is key to keeping your hair healthy.

Beware of Youtube University - although D.I.Y hair color is wayyyyy cheaper than a salon it's way more risky as well, and if you end up needing to fix it in salon, just know a color correction is very pricey...don't let Youtube confuse you into thinking you're a cosmetologist...

All right y'all that's all for now...


Mary G.

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