Where the heck have I been ??

Heyyyy y'all (for anyone thats still out there reading lol). I don't want to even look back to see when my last post was because I know it was a long time ago...

Why I've been MIA...

The Short answer is I just needed a break. I also needed to re-assess what was important to me...did I really want to continue the social media rat race, or did I want to leave it all together? I've personally decided I'm going to keep posting and blogging like I did way back in the day before social media profiles were synonymous with career paths.

The other day I was watching Cydnee B on Youtube and I think she summed it up best when she said that sometimes being "paid" to do what you once loved can take away the love you had for it and make you feel crazy pressure. The push to stay relevant, and on top is crazy. I want to emphasize again these are just my views and thoughts... so that's why I've decided to change my focus on how I use my social media voice....cause honestly y'all I miss the days when I felt like I was just talking to a good friend about a product or item that worked for me instead of doing a sales pitch or commercial.... anywho I'm happy to be back and excited to share my musings again....



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