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What I learned from 21 days of clean eating

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Hey y'all I'm back and excited to share what I learned after giving up foods like, cheese, eggs, corn, and bread for 21 days.


Nope I haven't lost it and I'd still consider myself a self proclaimed Foodie lol.... but I did learn alot about my body and even my mind following the program.

The Clean program is designed to help in discovering food sensitivities, promote wellness and weightloss, and a better approach to food as a whole. This site offers supplements and shakes (which I will be trying soon) to aid you in cleansing but those aren't required to follow their list of suggested foods. Overall I shockingly felt really good on the cleanse except towards the end which is totally my fault because I was skipping meals....anywho here's what I found out..

1. The scale isn't everything-

According to the scale I haven't lost a pound which may or may not be accurate as both the scales in our house are sketchy lol... anywho, even with that being the case I could visibly see a major difference in my waist line. As I continue my journey to get healthier I will be sure to include measurements as well instead of following the scale only.

2. I'll be doing less gluten and dairy-

Although I don't have Celiac disease or lactose intolerance I've learn that keeping dairy and gluten to a minimum is good for me. In addition to a happier belly I found I had way less congestion as well, and had increased regularity. I've tried both since ending the cleanse and found that in small amounts I can tolerate both but it's best to keep them to a minimum.

3. Caffeine gives me a headache-

Yep this one hurt but Caffeine is actually not my friend (insert deep long sigh) and I think I will be continuing to stick to herbal teas from now on... After the cleanse ended I tasted a bit of coffee and shortly after noticed a heachache... funny enough I'd been having morning heachaches for a while and always associated it with not having, "had my coffee yet" when in fact coffee was the culprit. I will keep experimenting to see if I have the same reaction from green tea, and matcha and keep you guys posted.

All in all this was a challenging yet rewarding experience, that I'd definitely recommend....

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