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#31 Days to Well Recap...

Hey there lovelies! So if you've been keeping up with me here on my Blog then you already know about my goals to get more focused and healthier in January....

All in all I did pretty well,

What I accomplished:

- Ate Clean for 21 days

- Started and finished a few new books

- Spent more time on self-care

- Switched more of my beauty care to natural options

- Started planning my first trip of 2018 (YAY!)


What I'm going to work on in February:

- Increased Spiritual depth

- Bible reading and meditation

- Being more positive

- Being more active 30 mins a day

- Spending more time helping others

- Spending less of my day on Social Media

- Re-learning Spanish

I really like checking in like this with you guys.... how are you doing with your goals... what are your February work ons? Share with me over on my Instagram

#health #life

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