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2019 Hair Goals

Hey loves! So as a follow up to my last post on the truth about biotin, I thought I'd share what my hair goals are and what I'm aiming to do to reach them.

All in all 2018 was a great year for me in my hair-care. I got a professional cut so that I'd actually have shape and healthy ends. I got rid of my mullet and the last of my heat damaged iron deficient curls. I went back to weekly deep conditioning. I upgraded my shampoo and rinse-out conditioner, and I made sure to rotate in protein treatments as needed. Yup I was killing it, and I don't want to break that streak.... so here's how I'm keeping it going in the new year


- A Women's Multi- Vitamin:

This multi-vitamin has all the essentials needed for my body and also has Iron in it so I only have to remember to take one pill lol. This plant based vitamin covers all the based in the instance that I don't get enough of a vitamin or mineral through diet alone.

- Healthy eating:

Back in the day I was super focused on having healthy fats like Salmon, and Avocado in my diet....but to be honest I fell off y'all... but I'm back on it. Healthy eating impacts hair because when nutrients are low in the body, our bodies will work to allocate those resources (nutrients) as best as possible to the "essential" areas of the body. Hair and nails are the first areas to get deemed as non-essential which means you'll see a difference in your hair real quick.

- Water Intake:

I sadly got into the bad habit of not having enough water during the day which also really will impact your hair. Our bodies thrive on water, skin, nails and hair will become more brittle without proper hydration.

- Iron supplements:

My Iron levels are very low and I wasn't taking seriously the need to add a supplement into my diet in order to combat the deficiency. I'll do a more in depth post on the link between Iron and hair, but for those of you who are anemic, and not taking Iron just know it can wreak havoc on your health and on your hair.


Ultimately my biggest hair goal is to keep up the health of my hair, and when hair is healthy the length will come . I'm also using various product like the ones mentioned above and a few others to help with thickening my hair back up as well (more deets to come). So that's it for now....




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