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My Affordable Room Decor

Hey loves,

So I recently got serious about my room decor and did a D.I.Y makeover on my room. In my quest for the perfect room accents I discovered a shocking truth..... Room Decor is EXPENSIVE Ugh.... so I thought I'd share some of my tips for how I redid my space on a Budget...


- Thrift stores are your friend

If your checked out my post on my $20 outfit then you already know how much I love Thrifting! Furniture can easily be updated and given a makeover and the thrift store has so many hidden gems. You can sanitize your items (google it) so don't worry.

- D.I.Y saves cash

Pintrest, and home decor magazines will give you tons of Inspiration simple things like changing the hardware and knobs, adding paint, and hanging art can really improve a space.

I've got a full look at my Room Decor progress thus far in my room tour you can watch here

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