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3 Podcasts I'm taking into 2018

Hey y'all,

So I'm back with a post near and dear to my heart, I'm sharing some of my favorite podcasts. 2018 Is upon us in full effect... and these podcasts are amazing at making sure your reach your best self, keep your sanity, develop self-care habits, and get your health together. Ok so what exactly are these miracle podcasts you ask? I've got them listed below.

1. Black girl in OM-

These ladies keep me saying mhmmmmmm and nodding my head in agreement while listening to their podcast. Talking about everything from self care, to health, to proper ways to manage

the double edge sword that is social media.... these ladies along with their guests keep me coming back for more.

Favorite episode thus far : The Glow Gospel with Latham Thomas - this episodes discussion on everything from self care, to embracing our beauty as black women, and reconnecting to being a more spiritual person (for me this comes in the form of deeper prayer, bible reading) is one worth listening to a few times through...

2. Therapy for Black Girls-

This podcast had me in love as soon as I heard the title. The black community often makes seeking help via outlets such as therapy seem silly, and weak, so I'm here for the normalizing of Black girls and women seeking help for mental wellness. Dr. Joy covers poignant topics while never suggesting that her podcast is a replacement for those who may need a mental health professional in their life.

Favorite episode thus far:

Surviving Mama : A discussion on the complicated yet beautiful dynamics that can exist between a mother and daughter.... GAME CHANGING podcast... my favorite quote "Don't expect an elephant to meow", you'll have to listen to get it. :)

3. Food Heaven -

These Women of color nutritionists are a dynamic duo. They share knowledge and drop gems, plus they bring awareness to health issues facing minority communities. I found them after listening to a Black girl in OM podcast guest starring these ladies and had to subscribe.

Tag me on Instagram (@mg__03) with any other podcast that are listen worthy..... Until next time..


Mary G.

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