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#31Daystowell : Day 1

Today's Challenge:  Start each day with 10 minutes of quiet time. Do not pick up your phone for at least the first 10mins of your day.

I figured I’d start with a bang. I don't know about you guys but this is a bad habit I have and I know I’m not alone. I Roll over grab my phone open Instagram, emails, Facebook, or anything else on my device and start scrolling….ugh. Instead I’m replacing that bad habit with grabbing my bible first thing in the morning I normally use the bible app on my phone… but I’m kicking it old school and grabbing the book instead.  I believe taking a moment to not plug in right away is going to make all the difference to how my day will go.

To keep up with daily challenges all 31 days  make sure to follow me over on my Instagram .

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