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Model for a Day : My Photo-shoot experience

Hey Y'all,

So I recently had a chance to be in front of the camera as a "model" (yes I said model) for a photography workshop here in D.C with a photographer I love Dfinney. When I saw the blurb on Facebook for a chance to work with her I immediately sent over an email. To be honest I never get picked for stuff like this so I really didn't have any expectations. When I got the email from Danni I had forgotten for a quick sec that I had signed up lol...


I was so excited to have been picked and then....doubts crept in. Anxietys over my look, weight, having a pretty enough outfit, being able to slay my hair etc. swirled through mind. My excitement was buried under a pile of doubts, what-if's , and negative thoughts. As the photo shoot date approached I all of a sudden felt a switch in my mindset.


I could either over think things and nit-pick myself or I could enjoy the moment and have fun...thankfully I choose the latter. It didn't hurt that Danni and her team are super cool and make sure the vibe feels chill and fun. I ended up having such an amazing time! It made me realize that sometimes we end up missing out on AMAZING opportunities because of fear... it can be paralyzing. I also realized a lot of times our fears are so far fetched from reality...we end up psyching ourselves out with scenarios that will never actually happen or being way to hard on ourselves. The result of being in the moment is the images you see in this post... to be honest they are some of the best I've ever gotten back from a photo session. The difference isn't the lens, the talented photogs I've worked with or even the external stuff like hair,makeup,outfit,etc. the difference was me. As this year comes to a close I want to take this mindset into 2018, confidence,happiness, and facing fears head on!


If your looking to get professional photos done for yourself or your family check out she's so great!!! (also checkout the cool lady photogs that were in the mentoring session that day over on Instagram)


Mary G.

#hair #fashion #beauty #life

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