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Getting my life before 2017 ends...

Hey y'all I was inspired by a fellow creative recently, Jendayi ( of to get back into writing and not just talking about fluff ( hair, fashion,beauty). I love blogging about lighter topics but every now and then you just need to talk about what's really going on. It feels super disingenuous to only talk about such superficial topics when that's not at all who I am. As I was perusing Instagram I came across Jade's (of Instastory speaking on many of the issues currently going on in the world scene. These ladies got me to remember how I used to blog before in the early days back on On that blog I didn't just limit myself to speaking on only hair and beauty topics. I shared my voice for good or for bad on things that were of substance.

Since launching I felt like I'd fallen into the trap I'd always tried to avoid. Being Cookie Cutter. Often times I feel brands like beauty and not brains. Speaking on issues, sharing opinions and just down right being your authentic self could cause you to "not be on brand" or be viewed as "risky". A few months ago that's why I wanted to pull the plug on all my social outlets (contracts prevented me from completely going off the grid). I've since had more time to think about that choice, as many of my obligations keeping me online draw to a close, and I realized it isn't my blog, Instagram, or social media's fault.


The torn internal feeling I was feeling had to be resolved rather I choose to stay online or not. That meant I had to determine it's source and after some soul searching and a month off Social Media (planoly was my bestie during that month) I discovered the source. Being Fake. Since I'm and online blogger it goes with out saying that many of you have never met me in person, I'm many things... but fake ain't one. The idea of being something other that my true self, bothers me to my core. That was it! I was not only stifling my true personality but I was being a follower (gasps)! I had started to edit myself to be like this one and that one that I saw being successful online. Inspiration is one thing but being a follower is another. I finally feel like I'm able to keep going forward sharing online, on my terms,authentically. I'm more aware than ever that self awareness and improvement are essential and I'm strategically working through a checklist of goals before 2017 comes to an end.

I'm at a place where being me is enough. I look forward to sharing that in various way through my social outlets. The way this year FLEW by it helped me realize now more than ever how important focus and priorities are. I've gotten reacquainted with what is most important and plan on continuing to focus on my spiritual, mental, and physical well being. When that is where it needs to be all other things fall into place,

Welp, hopefully you've been able to follow my thoughts (which are a bit all over the place I know). Until next time...





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